Twitter Ads

Twitter is providing ads (as FB does) for some time.

Unfortunately it’s still not available for all countries the possibility to advertise in it.

Have you guys give a try on Twitter ads? Would you mind sharing your experience?

i will give it a try :wink:

Check out this article regarding the topic, some very useful information:

@BaksaiApps Please, share the result and inner details :wink:
@growmyapp Thank you for sharing.

Awhile ago I tried it out. Only spent about $100 on it. The results were not bad but and its a BIG but. With another $100 I got better results using AppBrain, better rentention from the users and more installs.
With Twitter, you pay per click, or at least thats how it was when I used them.

So, not bad, but there are better options in my opinion.

May you share some data?

  • country targeted
  • CPC
  • how many clicks
  • for how long the campaign did last
  • target audience (gander, age, keywords, user’s interests)
  • any other data you think might be of interest.

Also, how did you track how many installs you got from Twitter ads?


I tried Twitter but wasn’t able to scale up. I got 10 clicks over 3 months. It sucked

For sure it’s a bad result.

Can you share more details like audience (country, age, gender, interests), keywords, CPC ?

Thank you