I am fairly new to the whole android development. Could somebody recommend me any good tutorials from lynda.com or any other site that anyone has used before?

Go through the new boston android tutorial.u can easily find them on youtube

First of all you should be familiar with java. If you don’t have any experience in java below are some resources that will help you
Vogella Java Tutorials - step-by-step tutorials for Java.
Stack Overflow - Your best friend when it comes to questions.
Trail: Learning the Java Language - Official tutorials from Oracle to help beginners get to know and understand Java.
Intro to Programming Course In Java - Udacity - A Udacity course for absolute beginners to Java.

After being familiar with Java some more detailed in android development are:
Vogella Android Development Tutorials - step by step guides for android development.
Develop Apps | Android Developers - The official Android developers website.
AndroidHive - Tutorials, Games, Apps, Tips - Tips, tutorials and helpful information can be found on AndroidHive.

great question and helpful answers thanks guys :slight_smile:

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