Tthe easiest ways to increase the number of App installs

One of the best ways of improving your market positions and getting additional attention from target audiences is buying app installs.

it is important to know what the difference between various providers is. I bump into this promlem at first time, when I have been choosing reliable company. For example, some companies work only with particular companies, others – use a single payment system. By the way, I recommend you to select a company, which has a Pay Pal payment option. Their system is secure and you can always demand your money back if the installs provider failed to meet its promises.

[li]You should also make sure that the company you choose provides installs from multiple devices with different IPs. It is crucial if you want to have a long-term and predictable growth of installs.[/li][li]Another thing you should consider is geo-targeting. For example, [COLOR="#FF8C00"]MoPeak[/COLOR] or BlastMobi provide this option. This useful feature allows you to get installs only from a particular region. First of all, it will greatly improve the quality of reviews in the future and will also look more real than if you get installs from a completely different country.[/li][li]When working on improving rating, reviews or installs of your app don’t forget to pay proper attention to App Store Optimization. Unfortunately, if you have a poor description, lots of bugs in the app and a weak logo you will hardly make users remain with you, deleting the application right after it was installed. Make sure you learn everything about keywords, title, screenshots and logo before launching the app or buying app installs.[/li][/ul]

Visibility is all about buying Android installs:cool:

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All Android installs can be divided 2 types:

1)Direct link to Android App;
2)Keyword installation of Android App.

The direc installations affect on Play Store ranking and keyword installs contributes a lot for a ranking of keyword search result of Store.

The Android installshelp to drive traffic for your App, improve you ranking position and help to gain target audience and encourage other users to download your App.