Tsu social network : make money and promote your apps

So I saw a few huge accounts on Twitter pushing this new network tsu.co hard and decided to check what’s that all about. They claim they (the thu.co people ) will share 90% of their ads revenue with the users, no a bad idea IF they live up to their word. But for guys like us with apps and other online properties this new social network might work 2 way - 1) make money from the rev share and 2) Branding and promoting our apps/websites/whatever.
The network might die in a week or it might make it big - who knows. I spent 10 min to set up a few accounts , since it’s fairly new you can grab some really good user names or for branding grab smth like tsu.co/YOURAPPSNAME . Whoever knows SEO and all that can see the benefit.
As of now to get in you need to sign up under somebody (like a sponsor i guess) here’s one of my accounts :

Best Apps | ts?

I don’t have “the best apps” per se but it sounds cool and the user name was available:cool: Give it a try if you feel like, might lose 10 min of your time or 6 months from now look like a genius making passive income. Their android app looks well made https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evac.tsu