trying to undestand ASO


I’m trying to understand ASO with Google Play and I’m totally lost. Keywords are supposed to be taken from description, isn’t it?
How comes that “4 pics 1 word” contains no “bomb” or “bombs” in its description but yet qualifies as number 3 in the search for “bomb”? Is there any other known way to provide keywords?

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Think of regular SEO for websites: what’s on your page is important, but what OTHER high authority websites are saying about it is even more.
So if 100 game reviews talk about bombs because of the gameplay, then the game will also rank high for “bomb”.
Unfortunately (or luckily, since it would be a terrible mess) blackhat strategies don’t really seem to work here.

That is because, keywords are not only the factor that affect ASO. There’re many other factors.

Adding to the above, Google’s new App Indexing (deep-linking) is another way to rank for specific keywords, as the Googlebot will regularly crawl specific parts of an app for content (similar to sitemaps for websites).

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