Translation Services

Hi Everyone,

I plan to create a paid app that offers translation as part of the text editing it will do, I see that Google has limited the number of calls to its API to one million characters per month and other services like Yandex do the same as well, I wouldn’t like my users to get frustrated by that limit and think of using a GET call to the google translate page instead, does anyone know if there are any legal implications (abuse of service or something along those lines) in doing this as opposed to consuming the API?



if you use get to google translate page, … I think it will be blocked, because google will detect that it’s automated, and promt you to enter a captcha. (not sure, 100% that this will happen, but this is what I think that it will)

Yes. google will show captcha after 1000 requests from same ip.

We use yandex, just generate 100 keys * 1M to get 100M free request