Translating App Title - a survey, please let others know how it works in your country


I have started to wonder if it makes sense for an app to have a title translated into various languages. I believe there are some apps that do not require that (think Angry Birds or another game where the title is related to the game hero). On the other hands most of the apps in “Tools” category (like flashlight) or a game that has some activity mentioned (e.g. painting, fishing) should be translated.

On top of that - I believe this is a national thing - in some countries you expect the title to be translated and in some not. In some, english is well known and it makes no sense.

So I would ask you to repy in this thread with your opnion and nationality - for the benefit of our users and our as well.

[/li][li]Translate. I expect most of the titles translated when it refers to app features vs using an English name.
[/li][li] Exception: Only when the title is related to a hero within the game or an existing brand I do know then it should remain in original language.