Translate your app: Increase your audience, downloads and incomes

Today I want to introduce a new project called OnTranslate (App Translation Service - App Localization | OnTranslate), which will become [b]very useful for developers, marketing officers (ASO) and to any person who wants to increase the audience and downloads of their apps.

[/b]OnTranslate is a website, on which users can translate their iOS and Android apps at affordable prices since there is no other translation service for apps, which offers such competitive prices.

Nowadays, translating an app into various languages is essential for the success of the app since you will increase the audience, which leads to more downloads and incomes you obtain from the app.

How does OnTranslate work?

It is quite simple. You only have to choose whether you would like to translate an Android or an iOS app and the system will guide you through some easy steps in order to translate your app.

You will have to add the texts for the Google Play Store or the Apple Store and the string files of your app, if you want them to be translated.

The next step will be selecting the languages you would like to translate your app to. In this step you are also able to choose if you want your app to be translated by professional native speakers or if you prefer to use automatic translations (which is an interesting option for languages with a minor audience).

Once you have completed the process, you just have to wait for the translations being done. You will receive the texts perfectly prepared to use them directly in the app stores (Google Play or Apple Store) and to include the .xml/string files directly in your app, which will save you a lot of work.

As you can see they have the best price on the web, you will not see any other professional app translation services at this price.

I hope this tool is very useful for increase your audience, downloads and income…

We were sometimes headache with the translation cost and we wondered that if it was worth with very high cost but not sure it will increase app sales. OnTranslate have helped us to solve the problems with professional service. They have professional translators and translators are very responsive on their task. Any time we had questions, they answered quickly and they were willing to support for any issue on the translated text.
Cost for professional translation is low compare to other similar service. You will not worry about the deadline for your text because they are great on the time line they estimated.
Thank OnTranslate!

Joined this month, first post, that too promoting the service, **** off scam

the self-promotion is too obvious :eek:

Thanks for reply, but actually we are real customer of OnTranslate! You can try our VigCal app (iOS:‎VigCal on the App Store and OSX: ‎VigCal on the Mac App Store), which were localized by OnTranslate, on the App Store :).

Thank you for your message.
We will clarify this.
vigstore” user made an order in the translation website for the app called “VigCall”. Here is the link:

iOS version:

OSX version:

We have translated all the app store files and also the itunes texts into Simplified Chinese and German (by professional translators).

You can check the translations here:
German version:

Chinese version:

This is the Apple Store, but the String files of the app have been translated too. You can check them if you download the apps.

After finishing all the translations, we asked if they could write a review here in the forum.

Thank you!

We are really happy that you are satisfied with the translations.

We hope that we can work again in the future :slight_smile: