Transforming an Android app to iOS and other digital OS


As most of you know, creating apps for several mobile OS is a real pain. It literally takes the same amount of time to create the very same app for an additional operating system. Most developers do not have enough resources to get it done. Some platforms, such as Unity and Corona, offer you a solution, but as we heard so many times, those either generate a low preforming app, or a long optimization process, which is pretty much like developing the app from scratch. Not to mention the fact that it costs a lot of money.

Well, we at Gingee decided to offer developers a chance for a real cross platform development experience. Take your Android app, drag & drop the code using Gingee and create a new app for iOS, Facebook, RIM, Smart TV or any other platform. No Extra optimization, no extra work. Best of all, the new code has 96% identity to the original. no low performance. No cheating.

Our new site will be up shortly. I appreciate any questions you may have.
I’m also here to engage with other developer issues. Android community is rapidly changing, and this forum is a great way to keep up with these changes while helping fellow developers.

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