Transfer one app to another developer account?

I just found out that you can transfer your apps to another account:

After reading everything it seems that they close your old account when you transfer your apps to the new account. Now my question is what if you only want to transfer one app to another developer?

Have somebody done this before? I mean is there a way to keep your old account?

Bump, nobody here ever transfered an app to another developer?

What the need of doing so? why would there is going to exist a need to transfer apps to other accounts.
if this feature is offered ,many security issues could born with this .

I did transfer one app about a year ago. It was a pretty simple and quick process. They don´t close any account

I transferred ALL apps to a new account and the old account is still open (you have to manually close it if you want the 25$ back)

Thank you guys for answering!

A lot of people transfer apps between accounts especially if the app is sold to different developer. Google does not close old developer accounts that don’t violate any policy

If you have a suspended app, would taking a different Google account clean the policy strike? Then you could transfer the apps to the new fresh account

I need this information too.
I got two strikes on my dev account and i don’t wanna risk another one.
If i open a new dev acc with same name, address, cc, ip, etc., transfer my apps to the new acc and close the old one, would google link the old and new acc and ban the new acc with only 1 strike?