Toy Gun: free Android game, 3D virtual shooting gallery.

Through the display, by simply moving the phone or the tablet, you can aim and hit the virtual objects that move in 3D space.

I used the rotationmatrix to play the virtual space.
What do you think? Any suggestions will be 'appreciated.


I was just curious how your game feels (I like the idea) - unfortunately it crashes when loading the level - the ads does appear but than force close. I’ve sent you an error report, hope it helps :slight_smile:

thanks for your interest.
I am studying the problem.


Hello, please, what about your device?
I’m thinking about a fragmentation opengl problem.
On my Nexus S works

Thanks in advance

java.lang.RuntimeException: glGetAttribLocation aPosition: glError 1281

Samsung Galaxy S3 … should not have any problems :slight_smile: the error looks like a shader problem?

The idea is really great! I like this kind of abused augmented reality without reality :slight_smile: Unfortunately I can’t test it because it’s not compatible with my HTC desire. Better graphics and it will be a hit! :slight_smile:

Hi Wolfgang, thanks for your suggestions.


the latest update fixed the issues on my S3 and it runs now - runs pretty well indeed :slight_smile: really nice idea

hi dgiorgioleone,
very nice idea.
Could you please fix it for my phone?
It’s LG Optimus Me P350 and I attached a screenshot.


Hi, thanks for your collaboration and suggestions.


Hi Gabriele,
I do not know what’s going on, your phone works with only a texture instead of 9.
I’ll try to investigate the problem. Thanks for reporting.