Totem Quest - Tribal Totem Game !

Totem Quest - Make your way through never ending horde of tribal Totems!

An addictive gameplay with adventures colorful crunching effects and mind base puzzles! Find a match of three or more of the same kind to eliminate them.

Game Features:
[li]Soothing gameplay to keep you entertain
[/li][li]Survival Mode: Unlimited gameplay and real time competition
[/li][li]Challenge Mode: 50 levels with 7 unique challenges
[/li][li]God power-ups to help you survive and score higher
[/li][li]25 Achievements – Complete them and earn rewards
[/li][li]Facebook & Twitter - share your scores, achievements and success

Completely FREE to PLAY but you will need lives to keep enjoying the fun. Lives can be earned by completing achievements or purchase them directly.

A small android app.

YouTube Link: Totem Quest - YouTube