Top Network For US Installs

Curious those of you that have their bulk installs in the US are using as their ad network. I’ve been using StartApp and LeadBolt but starting to see a drop in both, and the drop was over a 2 month period of time.

not surprised to hear Leadbolt dropping in CPM and revenue. I stopped using them at the end of last year due to the same reason. They start off strong but CPM always declined until I was averaging $.4 in Tier 1 countries. I’ve heard they lost a lot of their advertisers which drove the CPM all the way down.

I am currently using Airpush for most my apps. For one of my apps most my traffic is in US and I’m averaging $2.12 CPM for smartwall right now. Its been a steady climb for the past month or so and I am pretty satisfied with their smartwall thus far. I also heard some good things about mobilecore and their slider ad unit which has been supposedly yielding very high CPM

Couldn’t tell you about Leadbolt dropping in CPM because it dropped so much for me last year that I washed my hands of them months ago.

mobileCore made an average of $3.64 eCPM in US in the past 7 days.