Top 5 Networks to Monetize Your Mobile App.

The business of app developing is exciting but finding ways to monetize your app can be a nightmare.
The competition is strong and click through rates are abysmal. There are many great options like PollToPay’s survey tool, but sometimes you need multiple revenue streams.
These 5 advertising networks are the best ones to use for mobile app developers because they pay well and help your app be seen.


This service from Google is probably the most well known, and not just because it is from the internet giant.
The Software Development Kit allows you to monetize your app across iOS, Android, and Windows.
Since it supports so many operating systems and devices, it has quite a bit of flexibility.
This means that you can choose from many different styles of ads and you won’t have a problem getting them on your app because Google places high importance on its user-interface.
One drawback of dealing with such a large company is its lack of customer service. If there are ever big problems, good luck trying to find support from AdMob.


Adfonic has some of the best looking advertisements around.
This is good news for you because you can get up to 10x higher eCPMs and has a 95% average fill rate with Android and iOS.
They work with some of the biggest electronic companies to make sure integration won’t be a problem.
You can also pick the way ads will be encoded and see real-time reporting across multiple accounts through the dashboard.
This is a feature rich network that may see technical problems, although it seems to be working with just about everyone.


Flurry is making its name due to analytics. In fact, it has collected the largest app data set on consumer usage in the world.
Over 700 million devices! The point of this is to give you the best analytics available so you can see what ads are doing well, and what you can change.
Its very nice user-interface and tagline “Thrive in the New App Economy” shows that they are serious about helping new developers and existing heavy movers with monetizing and analyzing their ads.


This ad network has been working to develop a great platform for people newer to mobile advertising.
It is a very simple network that supports most operating systems (except Windows) and has a number of nice looking ad formats to pick from.
This would be a good choice if you are launching your first app and trying to get into monetization in a simple way.

Millennial Media

The first mobile ad network which had an IPO. They are serious about business and making money for every segment of the developer community.
Heavy hitters in the mobile app world are using them and so are independent developers that are creating some really interesting apps.
Millennial media isn’t purely an ad platform, it also helps you promote your app with their publishing tools.
Client campaigns are also something they have started where advertisers can compete to get their ad on your app because of prime timing, pricing, and other factors.
Where it really shines is that it allows you to display ads from other networks as well. If you are serious about making money, this might be the right network for you.

These 5 advertising networks are a great place to start for your next app, or if you are in the market for finding a new network to monetize your apps.
An ad network paired with another type of monetization, such as PollToPay’s, will help diversify your revenue stream and take advantage of many different markets.


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I don’t know about above mentioned ad networks, but I am using and they are really good at app monetization. I think you must add them in your list because from last one year I’m using it and so far I’ve not faced single problem (neither in customer support nor in their timely payouts).

You should decide if it is you who uses Adiquity or your friend. Or just stop spamming the forum.

Bingo… Nice catch:D:D

seems that Adfonic, Flurry & Aditic has not been discussed in the forum. Correct me if i am wrong.

It’s not a spam. It is been a year and I’m still using it and I must say they are phenomenal at what they do. My friend suggested me about other ad networks but it was my wish (to choose them).
My friends are still facing problems with their ad networks timely-payout, but I don’t face it any more. Nevertheless I believe it should be added (It’s my view).

It’s from today 10:55 AM and it’s not spam? really?

Thanks for pointing it out, first of all my first post was about top 5 ad networks, and I put my views on it. My second post was reply over full ads screen concern. In my first post I spoke about existing app devs( Who are my friends). In second post I had mentioned about my friend who had same concern (full scree ads) and started using Adiquity with me.

I am still stick to my statement.

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You’d be crazy to rely on individual networks. I personally recommend finding a good mediation platform, ideally one which bundles all partners into a single SDK (saves time) and fills programmatically (more money). There’s only a couple on the market, you should be able to find one :slight_smile:

I find it crazy that many people still rely on one network especially with tools being available to eliminate the time it takes to implement an sdk.

Thanks for sharing. Very useful.

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