Top 3 monetization trends from the Mobile World Congress 2019

Hy developers!

Epom Apps is back from the biggest mobile conference in the world - MWC2019.

I gathered 3 top highlights that may help Android app developers earn more in 2019:

1. Header bidding for mobile apps. Header-bidding helps app developers sell every impression for the highest rate offered by a bunch of advertisers. Mopub & Facebook even organized the whole separate event to discuss header-bidding for mobile apps in details.

2. Data Monetization. App developers are eager to explore more ways of app monetization that doesn’t suppose running ads or in-app purchases. Monetization of non-personal identifiable user’s data is one of them. I strongly believe that companies like Epom Apps or AppGrow are the most trusted and transparant when it comes to monetization of non-personal data about users.

3. Accurate analytics. #MWC19 hall 8.1 presented plenty of solutions to drive better and precise analytics on everything that happens in mobile apps. Both advertisers and developers now chase for more detailed analytics delivered in seconds after the click or conversion happens.

What do you think about these trends? Do you believe that they can change app monetization in 2019?