Top 3 Adnetworks going into 2016

Hi Guys these will be my top 3 Picks going into 2016.

  1. FAN - Getting good results so far so good just started a week ago but like what I see so far 77% fill rates so far and seeing revenue earned in every country.
  2. Admob - Admob will always be a top 3 choice.
  3. Phunware - phunware is starting to take off as of right now my fill rates are 63% but this will soon change as they will be revamping their SDK for 2016.

2016 Will see a HUGE GROWTH FOR MOBILE ADS and mobile ad impressions will double this year compared to 2015.

My top 3 picks for 2016 will be

  1. admob
  2. FAN
    These both with hayzap mediation …hayzap has also had some descent eCpm though…
  3. Unity ads

IS StartAPP is any good?

Not now for me…Once it was good in ppd days but its not working for me now

Hi @DroidGenie and @NokiaDev I would like to know if FAN ads compatible with app published on google play?Toady i added ads for my app and tested it on my device.On clicking it just to make sure where link goes i found that i see a popup to choose browsers to open ads and not play store.Isn’t it mandatory now that ads which shows on app must only show playstore links as per google play policy?

Kindly correct me if i am wrong.

Thank you

ASFAIK its not mandatory to take to playstore…(Example)Suppose I am a book seller want to promote so I choose FAN ads so they will take me to my site …Its not against policy until some one use a bad websites or pages…you Are good to use FAN …They are a big network so they check every campaign before live…

Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

Startapp lock account. don’t know why :frowning:

FAN = ???


facebook ads network

FAN stands for Facebook Audience Network

Its depend on quality of apps and your traffic you can get better price from any ad network
in my case mobilecore is good cos i have taken some special rate hv a look below

MobileCore is not even close to 6$ ecpm.

my mobileCore eCPM is still $0.4???

if you have bulk apps and good traffic then u can get good fill rate as im

MobileCore is only good as last resort backfill as their ads load very fast and nearly 100% of the time.
But ecmp is quite low compared to other networks.

  1. appodeal
  2. airpush
  3. admob

chartboost is scam … warning

i have good apps and traffic but still low eCPM :expressionless:

Hello people,

I’m actually using AdBuddiz Advertisments, and I’m very satisfied. For me, it better than Google AdMob. It’s very easy to integrate.

Kind regards and all best in 2016!

I’m interested in your last statement about 2016 prevision, what is your source for say that?