Tooleap - Native Ads Made Easy

Hey guys,
Native ads are certainly the hottest trend of mobile advertising. The problem is that native ads are too much of a hassle to code into your app, and they don’t necessarily fit into any type of app.
We would like to introduce a new type of native ads: Bubble Ads.

What are Bubble Ads?
Bubble Ads are a new type of native ads that appear as a small bubble with notification on top of your app screen. When the user presses on the bubble an ad pops out (see the above screenshots).
The user can freely move the bubble and dismiss it by dragging it to an ‘X’ at the bottom of the screen (similar to facebook chat heads).
The bubble ad does not interfere with your app, and while the Bubble Ad is visible the user can continue using your app and open the ad whenever he decides.

Which type of apps do Bubble Ads fit with?
Just about any type of app. Whether it’s a game, utility or social app, Bubble Ads are suitable with any type of app.

Can I display Bubble Ads exist alongside my interstitial / banner / other type of ads?
Yes! Bubble ad is an entirely new ad space the can exist alongside your existing ads, with minimal intrusion to the user.

Where do you guys get the ads from?
Tooleap Ads acts as a mediation platform for other Native ad network, meaning you must have an account at another ad network. Currently we support Admob and Facebook Audience Network. We are working to add additional ad networks.

How do I get paid?
You get paid directly from the ad network which you meditate from, and according to their payment terms. We don’t take any cut from your revenues.

Which operating systems do you support?
Currently Tooleap Ads is an Android only ad network.

Where can I see it in action?
Download our demo app from the play store:


Watch a youtube video of our Bubble Ad in action:

To get started sign up here:

For any questions drop me a line here or send me a PM.

How easy is it to integrate Tooleap Ads:
Pretty easy. Check out our complete integration guide:

Does this require separate signup for different ad networks? Is there support for Xamarin?

At first we are planning to launch with Facebook Audience Network and Google Admob, and they both require a separate signup.
Xamarin support isn’t available yet, but it is planned.

You are just a mediation service or you have your own ads to show too? if you serve your own ads too, will you provide a MoPub adapter?
Do you also have standard in-stream ads?

At launch time we will only offering mediation and no standard in-stream ads.

Hey guys,
Tooleap Ad network is officially live.
I would love to get your feedback.

You can check it out on

Let me know what you think.

We’ve added detailed integration instructions:
Bubble Ads Integration Guide | Tooleap Developer Center

hi, how is the eCPM about this form? have any great app use your sdk? please send us some examples.thanks

Hi @Vincent-Adxmi,
Great questions.

eCPM varies greatly according to your users location. But generally speaking you can expect up to 4-5$, or even higher if your users are from top tier countries.

The easiest way to see the Bubble ad in action is to download our demo app here:

@Danny @tooleap
The dashboard requires me to add a package name.
But in both FAN and AdMob I use the same Placement ID for many package names.

Will the BubbleAds be displayed only in the packagename I added to your dashboard? or in any packagename that I integrate ur SDK?

Hi @tacchan23
You can add multiple ad units to the same app. So just add one ad unit for Admob and one for FAN.
You can use the same Tooleap Ad Unit in multiple apps. Tooleap Ads doesn’t have any restrictions on that.
But bear in mind that FAN and Admob might eventually block you, as they don’t approve using the same placement id in multiple apps.

That’s not true.

Other than this I can’t seem to add the SDK
Error:Failed to resolve:

I’ve sent you a pm with support.
It will be easier that way :slight_smile:

Added link to integration guide in second post FAQ