Tool for protecting Android apps from reverse engineering (Decompiling)

Many guys want to decompile/ Reverse engineering/ … your Android Apps for taking your ideal/ your algorithm/ your source/…

You can protect your Android apps by using Bg+ Anti Decompiler/ Obfuscator .
It’s free download on Google store:

It works on Java source, not on Java Byte-code like other tools. So user can control everything.
It supports a many protecting features:

  • Normal features:
  • Remove comments
  • Obfuscate filename (include main-active class, which other tool can’t do), class, functions, variable, …
  • Advandce features:
  • Obfuscate with unicode characters
    + Hide string value (helpful when you keep some sensitive info in java source)
  • Hide packagename
  • Add fakecode to trap the decompiler tools
  • Check resource-string (helpful when someone try to edit the resources of your APK)

This solution has been tested with a lot of Java decompiler tools, and these tools got a lot of errors when trying to reverse java source from the protected App.

New update:

  • Full support Android-SDK-25
  • Support more declare in XML layout files

Show how to filenames have been changed.


If you need any support, don’t hesitate to contact with me