Todacell - generates revenue for me

Hi guys,
I developed my first android app a 10 months ago after developing multiple apps on BB in the past.
I have more than 250K downloads. I tried working with admob at the beginning, but didn’t like the ad quality and the eCPM’s I was getting.
A friend of mine introduced me to Todacell, and it has been two months already that I am working with them and I am very pleased with the performance. First they work with really cool advertisers, which definitely brings much more ad quality to my app. Secondly they work on a rev share basis, and from what I noticed most of their campaigns are CPC/CPM which keeps my eCPM very high.
I got my first paycheck this month. The integration and sign up was also pretty easy.

Anyway I am planning to integrate some other ad networks in the future to maximize revenues, but I do recommend you consider them too. good luck.

marketing bullshit, next mobario?

Seems to be a Novice in marketing. The marketing style seems to be of 90’s, they didn’t knew that the world has changed a lot.

Lol I remember spam mails like that from like 15 years ago xD