To be super clear- Appwiz's new PPD rates - $0.05 for USA traffic and $0.002 on none

Hi All,

To be super clear here- these are our new Rates:

USA $ 0.05
None USA $0.002

This is truly the best time to join Appwiz and make money from your Apps!

Contact me- anni-appwiz



what is the rates for PPD implementation only?

Hey TwilaSutton,

These amazing rates are for full integration only.
If you would like to get an offer per your traffic please add me on Skype and I will find the best package deal for you

anni-appwiz / [email protected]


What if I just want homepage integration only? Is there a minimum rate? I remember last time Appwiz doesn’t pay for developer who doesn’t bring any good traffic or bad conversion. I prefer to stay in-app ads with other networks and with appwiz homepage.

As I said before, we now launched new SDK version- we have great ad units, high overall CPM, we have added Pre load ads and conversion rate is up significantly according to traffic behavior and ads implementation.

We do not serve only PPD at the moment, and even if we will- rates will be super low.

Why not to integrate our new SDK 2.5.15 Homepage and in App ads and see the results for yourself?
If you have big amount of US traffic you will be eligible for the highest PPD rates both for US and none US.

Will you contact me directly please?


Same f**king replies. Why you are scamming developers saying you are a PPD network. You are not a PPD network at-all.

This Post buy EmmaStacey StartApp vs Appwiz Review & Revenue Statics - Advertising Networks - Making Money with Android clears that you are not a PPD adnetwork at all. You steel from in-app ads.

Lollzz Anni you are here again for scamming developers. Hi Everyone stay away from them read this.

To be clear: Appwiz is a robber company which does not pay!

They still owe me some money…Guys stick with known companies like startapp, even if revenue can be little, they pay.

Stop stealing!

What a joke, why does everything have to be an ultimatum with appwiz? And what happened to the $.06 rate you mentioned earlier…

To be super clear, it’s actually $.05, oh and that’s only if u replace all of your ads with appwiz and have an abnormal ratio of US traffic. Otherwise the rates are “super low” and can change at any time…

Stop trying to manipulate developers, just pick a freaking business model already and people might take your network seriously

Why my Last comment is not approved?

AppWiz is robber which robs from in-app ads and pay a little amount from that robbed money as PPD. their PPD is actual scam.

It can go up to $0.06 with USA traffic if you do have a huge number of US traffic, and if you have normal numbers from US and the lowest we offer is $0.05
None USA traffic is $0.002


Why not just make it one or the other? Devs with more traffic from the US will already have significantly higher revenue so all you’re doing is annoying people with your lack of transparency.

If you really feel the need to provide incentives then offer monthly contests that all devs can participate in rather than basing them on something as unpredictable as user demographics.

My apps have nearly 50% US traffic but there’s no way I would give you all of my ad real estate for $.002 non-US when I can make 3x more on half my traffic by combining other networks. Especially after receiving multiple emails holding my payments hostage unless I update to your new sdk in a week, or integrate more ads, or do whatever else you guys randomly demanded. The fact that you actually withheld payments from multiple devs just proves how unethical your company is.


I am not going into this again…
If you would like to work with Appwiz - you are more then Welcome, if not- Good Luck

We pay $0.05 for US traffic flat rate, if a specific developer with huge number of US traffic would like to get an extra for his traffic I am willing to work with him on a better price.
None US is $0.002 - no one pays you that much, the most the pay is $0.0012- so it is your choice.

For the last time- and I will not be saying this again-
We are not holding payments under any reason whatsoever.
Not for not updating SDK and not for traffic behavior.

We do encourage developers to implement our ads in a way which will benefit both side, and make the account more profitable, you do not have to give us most of you in App ads location, but must implement Appwiz or any other ads you might use in a way that will attract the users to convert.

These new rates are for full integration only- and yes, we do not wish to work PPD only


why not just remove the PPD download and stay with in-app only? because PPD money is per EULA accept and it’s all about homepage change, which I think you guy are not interested(when you stated you don’t wish to work with PPD only)

Is your in app revenue shared? And why you’re paying PPD more than inapp, which is different from other networks.

I wanted to work with Appwiz but there is something I can’t understand.

I believe if you remove the PPD and put 50~70% revenue share with developer, it will be nicer to work with. Unless there are something you guy are hiding.

I truly do not know where do you get your info…
If you would like to know all and more about how Appwiz are working please contact me directly e mail or Skype - [email protected] / anni-appwiz

Since our last SDK release we do have an option to offer great PPD rates, and yes, we do work revenue share under in App - CPI based campaigns.
Rates under in App are per the conversion rate and up to the geo location of your users, PPD is rates which we have full control over, and for monetization we offer a full set of monetization tools- Display and Search those two have completely different rates and has nothing to do with each other.


Ok first of all what do you mean get into this again, you completely ignored my post the last time you tried spamming this forum.

Secondly, are you really trying to say you never withheld payments when several devs are claiming you did? Because I can post the emails you sent out saying you would do just that if we didn’t update by your deadlines.

And for the record, several networks are offering those rates for non-US installs or even higher. The difference is they’re only taking up one ad location on entry for an EULA. You’re the only network including interstitials and banners so $.002 ppd is a joke. I’d love to see some combined average earnings from anybody still willing to deal with your manipulative BS

You stated Display and Search is completely different rates, but you want full implementation in order to eligible for the PPD. I just checked appwiz SDK, seems like you have to implement at least 3 inapp ads in order to qualify as full integration, which is very obstructive.

What I want to do is add EULA into my app and just an exit ads will do. Please do let me know here if this is eligible for the high PPD.

I just hope to clarify everything before the implementation.

When you pay such rate? Yesterday i received email with subject “I have increase you PPD rates - US 0.03 and none 0.002”


Yes, EULA and exit will work just fine!


Those are very sucky payrates, especially when most other countries have just as good or better traffic than the USA, do 5 cents USA and maybe 3 Cents other countries and then maybe we can talk, but 2/10th’s of a cent is an insult to devs and not worth my time, some devs will do it though since a penny in their country is like $1.00 in the USA. But since I’m in the USA the rates suck.

European countries, Australia ads usually pay a lot higher than us ads.