To Airpush - Phil do something with it

EULA! I don’t want use icon ads, so I want to disable EULA. In my apps I have startapp+airpush so I need to use 2x EULA, it’s stupid and annoying my users, because I have own EULA with privacy policy, so 3x EULA?:expressionless:
I can disable EULA by modify sdk’s but it’s not fair and legal. Phil from airpush, do something with it!

i had the same problem. there is no way to disable airpush EULA but you can disable the startapp EULA. that’s what i did. contact startapp and they will help.

however i have another problem. there are couple of my apps that i don’t use push ads, im using dialog ads only. so no need to scare users by showing EULA.

couple of weeks ago i opened a ticket about this and they said they will release a separate SDK for dialog ads. but it’s still not available.

They are saying it since September’12, too much time for a simply change, take your conclusions…

and they are still saying it…