Tizen and Android... Less money?

Hey guys

With the news that tizen is coming on board. Are any of you worried? If Samsung (i think biggest Android dominator) make tizen it’s OS, I see big hit to Android developer making money. User base spread more platforms, more work, more learning, less time, less money.

What r ur thoughts?

We are not particularly worried, as in every industry we have to be able to evolve. Besides, there is a lot of experience and knowledge that is beyond the operative system . We wouldnt be starting from the same point on Tizen or Firefox OS or any upcoming OS as we did on android.

I am not worried because more competition between big guys = more money for developers :wink: hopefully that 30% in-app cut will be lower and everything is going to be great from then on…

the only area of concern is not how fast we developers can learn the new API and SDK but how fast ad networks can support those OS. Nokia X has been launched in MWC which doesn’t have Google Play installed on it. We can easily port our android apps for Nokia X but the problem is that there is no ad network for the same. @jonathan @startapp and @AirpushNick could give us their views.

Surley if the Nokias have a compatible version of android ( 4.1.2 I believe ) than the sdks used on Play Store apps will be identical.
Much like Amazon is.

I don’t see Tizen taking off, Bada came and went. Blackberry is dying and WP is a very distant 3rd place.

Ads will work on Nokia X - it’s just an Android clone. I tried uploading my apps but it informs me they are already there and their support is a joke. I wonder why they are there - maybe they have an agreement with some third party Android store…

If the SDK is compatible that shouldn’t be much of a problem to work in that area, but it does need the technical team to look at all aspects of the tracking. The bigger problem is that all the offers we have leads to Google Play. So, until advertisers acutally agree to pay for installs in Tizen or any other OS, I don’t see any ad network (or at least appnext) investing the time and effort to make our SDK compatible.

Classic case of chicken and the egg.

so if I upload my app with appnext ads to nokia x platform and generate impressions. I am not going to get paid for them and my CTR will decrease and hence a loss for me. shall we upload apps with appnext ads to nokia x or not?

I tried one of my app and appnext ads were coming fine.

Good to know!

I don’t have a definitive answer for that. I have to check deeper. Will update when I know. The main question is - how can you monetize if all our ads lead to Google Play, when the Nokia X doesn’t support Google play?
Will update when I know.

wow tizen…
i just hope the rules is not stupid and annoying like google play

It’s definitely an exciting time with all of these new OS’s coming out. We’re definitely not going to leave the opportunity behind. All networks will need some time to go through and update SDKs and ad inventory.

Airpush Nick

Probably more if it will use Samsung Apps. :slight_smile:

Have you uploaded an app to the Samsung store? The rules are worse, but at least they don’t lifetime ban you for no reason. They thoroughly test you app instead.

They don’t life ban you, but if your app fails review three times it is banned if I read correctly in their developer panel. (But I suppose you could just change the package name and try again)

I think Tizen is supposed to support native android apps like blackberry’s OS does. I also think HTML5 will be the future and you can cross platform that shit anywhere.

I tried samsung store and gave up, too difficult to submit but I did like their video reviews of my app, they actually sent me videos of what was wrong.

HTML5 is still too slow right now. Native > HTML5 any day

never give HTML5 a shit any day. sucks on performance and UI/widgets rendering

worse than this??
groar :V :V

OK, it seems that appnext supports Tizen. Everythnig should work. However, advertisers still want their app to be installed from Google Play. So, if the device doesn’t have Google Play installed in it, we can’t send users to install the apps, which means no revenues.

If any of you knows if there is any way to send Tizen users to Google Play, that would be much appriciated.

now there is fragmentation in android app stores too :frowning: