Tired to Making Money With Android? Always Down, lags and spam? AndroidBlackhat.com

Here is a solution for david’s shit forum with downs, lags and selling ****** spammers.

AndroidBlackhat.com -> fresh forum but with strong community. Soon will be full of posts.

Invested in SEO, currently I’m on second page with keywords “making money with android”, goal is to beat the leader. Crap leader… even this domain (mmwa) is marked as spam domain in majestic metrics.

Forum is moderated with 2 admins and 1 moderator. For now it’s enough

Join to forum, it’s free with VIP access parts like Source Codes and Android Blackhat (paid or free for posts, pay once and get massive amount of source codes).
Everything except source codes are open for users. Talk about ad networks, marketing strategies, everytime you will get answer.
Currently of forum we have 45 VIP users, people who have made apps and have some experience. Soon discussion will slowly begin.


  1. No selling
  2. No insulting
  3. No spam

I suggest you to visit, register and check it sometimes even it’s not so big for now. Post counter and valuable knowledge will increase every day.

if u r the owner and moderator of this, it can’t be good

For you and your multi accounts insulting people, sure, not :wink:

currently forum have 3 administrators and 1 moderator

It’s long time project, I just informed, not need to spam here, Ill beat mmwa in SEO easily

Sure, RadioTurk. no one will want to use it for sure if they know who is the creator of it.

hahaha no one from this shitty mmwa :slight_smile:
you have stayed and sticked to this forum and not realised that this is minority in android niche, minority…