tired from the old method Buy apps ?

tired from the old method Buy apps ?

Waiting for your customer to pay $ 1 for the app
But what happens in practice they do not buy your apps

Why ? Not because your application is not good
These because the price

We open to you a third option - Saas model in apps

Think you’re the customer you are going to pay 1 $ for app
And you use that only a few hours a week and you will pay 1$
Do you pay $ 1 or more

It’s a waste and a pleasure a lot of people not ready to pay 1$

If you give your customers the option to pay for what they use
I will give an example
If you are a customer you have 2 apps
One option to buy the old method Buy app for 1$ or more
And second option you can rent by (Saas Model ) - Pay as you use
If thay use the app for 30 min he will pay only the 30 min

if are you the customer would you prefer
Buy App ? Or
Saas model Pay as you use

Pay for whay i use

Let the customer decide what he prefers
More options more satisfied customers

With us you can setup when your customers start paying ?
How much they pay ?
How do they pay ?
And analyze your customers
All you have to do is It is only to register

Go to : www.xcopy.co - And start making money

Is ur payment gateway google compliant?

what do you mean ?
If you mean compliant with Google play market - yes we have full compliant
we support android and Play market
If you mean Something else Explain

Google says that all payments in apps should be processed via merchant API. Your model of pay as u use is excellent but the above concern is a blocker for me.

No there is no problem
You can Start use us we support Google play
I’d love to help you in every step

We investigated this issue with google play
There is no problem
You can be sure