Tips publishing and marketing of updated version of app without using a cent

I’m in the process of updating one of my existing app, and I’m almost ready to put it on the market. It’s been a while since I updated the app (months) and I realize that game rules have changed. I want to do what I can to get most downloads from the very beginning, and this is my list currently. I would like to hear some more tips that I can add to what I hope to be a killer list that one should follow. And without any paid stuff.

Random order:

[li]Give descriptive and simple title[/li][li]Relevant app description, bake in keyword into the text[/li][li]Upload to several markets: Google, Amazon, Samsung, SlideMe[/li][li]Send out newsletter[/li][li]Write on twitter and facebook[/li][li]Send out directly to your friends, make them install and rate it[/li][li]Put social aspect(integrate fb,twitter,g+,instagram,etc) inside the app.[/li][li]Post on forums[/li][/ul]

Other suggestions?

I guess there doesnt exist a “killer” tips , and those who have enormous downloads dont really reveal much.

If i’d to do a free promotion without spending a cent. I’d do the following:

Put social aspect(integrate fb,twitter,g+,instagram,etc) inside the app.
Earn from ads-Put the same money for promotion.
Post on forums.
Essentially , unless you have a really really killer app,you have a really low chance for it to be a hit.

What id do is get some downloads and aim to get in the top trending list.

Sure, I know that people aren’t interested in sharing their killer tips, but we can still (try to) create a killer list, i.e. try to list up all the common methods that could have improve your download number :slight_smile:
I’ve added your suggestions to the list as well.

For submitting to and managing multiple stores you can use a tool like CodeNgo. I’d also add cross-promotions with other developers. Have a look at Xplode from Iddiction for help with this or possibly Chartboost.