Tips on Site/App Aproval

Hello folks,

At Tapit, we really aim to get our publishers great eCPMs, causing us to be a relatively selective network.

Given that our platform offers a Self-Serve Registration, we require sites to be approved before being served ads through our network.

That being said, I thought I would write a quick post on tips to completing the approval process at TapIt (and really any network that requires your sites/apps to go through an approval process).

Perhaps the fastest way is, if you have been in contact with someone at Tapit, let them know that you have completed registration immediately after adding your site/app.

Give your User ID (4 digit number), Name and the email you registered under.

This should yield the fastest turnaround time.

When registering, it is best to use the email address linked to the “Email Developer” link on your Google Play or App Market account. This will almost always result in a prompt approval of your app.

Use the proper formal form of your name: Capitalized first letter of your first and last name.
Avoid all caps or all lower case.
Same goes for the site/app name.

Another key to speeding up the approval process is to make sure the url to the Google Play or Market account works.

If your app is not yet complete, specify in the url dialogue box.

If your app is suspect of fraud and you are contacted, respond within 24 hours not only for a prompt approval time but also to avoid being denied prematurely.

I know that these are pretty basic instructions, but I figured I would just spell them out completely so as to avoid an obscurity whatsoever.



Thanks Bill! Those are some good tips, and some I wouldn’t have thought of (like using the same email registered on Google Play Developer Profile)

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