Tips needed for my first game marketing.

Howdy fellow dev’s,

I am going to make this quick; I made my first app (Utility) and have 50 downloads atm w/o marketing. I am now making my first game with Unity and I think it’s nice (Arcade, like zigzag, line zen, flappy byrd, those types of games) with nice features. I want to get high number of downloads, I am currently looking at Incentivized CPI marketing (maybe 1k-2k downloads) combined with Instagram shoutouts and ASO/SEO . As I am doing this as a hobby and I have no job and I’m a student learning engineering I cannot spend a lot of money…

I want to know what are the best incentivized CPI networks (looking at tapjoy and cpimobi at the moment) and other types of affordable marketing ?
What is your experience with shoutcart or Instagram shoutouts for couple of bucks?

If any developper wants to chat with me to offer me some further tips, send me a private message and I will send you my facebook :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

please no spam

Hi there,
don’t do shoutcart shoutout, they are scams and give you robots, u will get 0-1 downloads 100%, plz refer to the other page for some bad experience of ppl who bought the service

CPI incentivized is good

ayeT-Studios: Home is good for incentivized , if low volume

Don’t use these guys. They pay people to install and those people leave reviews with reference codes in them so the whole thing stinks.

I have bought upto 5k downloads from them for single app . Never faced such issues . Anyway I have no relation with them. You may decide :slight_smile: May be sometimes , there will be problems .

Dont worry about incentivized downloads, the claim that people will leave “I come for money” reviews are totally fake, I never had an issue. Even big companies like Supercell buy incentivized CPI, do they have such reviews?

I think CPIMobi is a bit weird


Global trend! Android apps promoting conditions: buying installs as a main step to succeed."

It is just clearly fake quote of Forbes, not written in forbes tone but something unprofessional.

Also, it claims that “CPIMobi ranks as #77 on Inc. 5000’s List of America’s Fastest Growing Advertising and Marketing Companies.”

While It is actually NOT on the list. Very very creepy

Inc. 5000 2015: The Full List |

I would recommend you using App2top
App2Top - promote android games and apps, rating, reviews, installs, downloads

Clearly it’s the best option given that with $0.1 per install, you can get up to 8k installs in one day, which is very important for google play burst. Also, 3 days retention is included in the price (retention affects GP ranking too); and almost all installs are from EU/NA countries. also, the owners of thee business show their faces and names and let everything under the sunlight and have no exaggerated promotional texts so they are much more trustworthy

Ayet-studio offers $0.15 for 3 days retention campagin, but only offers 2.5k downloads per day and have no country target, so u will get downloads from low ecpm countries

Hope I help.

Thanks for the information, I will be definatly checking app2top out.

Do you have like a review page or something ? I want to see them before I try your service.

It’s not my business indeed:cool:

But the company has been quite active on this site and even delivered freebies here before:

many includin me had tried their services but no complaints received by them

You could initially do some marketing on some social media website.

I just used app2top for 600 downloads. It’s been almost 24 hours now and I have not seen increase in my downloads, although they say that its 88% completed.
Anything that I should worry about or it takes a little while for it to update?

@funkapps wait for GP Dev Console stats update (once per 24h)

It’s been 24 hours now… Ill wait for a 48-72 hours before freaking out :slight_smile:

have your download numbers changed? Could you share a screenshot? =) and how many downloads have you ordered for how much $?

Hey, yes, it finally worked. I am on my phone now, I can’t upload the photo from here. I’ll do it tomorrow.

I ordered 600 installs from USA. I have made about 2 usd on the day I got 83% of the installs.

I am considering now getting 2k downloads from USA. Someone here in the forum told me that 2k downloads would get game ranked. Not sure if this is correct, I am trying to find more information on the internet for that.

I read an article that said that 20k downloads would definitely rank you. But unfortunately I can’t commit with that kind of investment.

note that there are multiple tiers of rank, for instance. If you have an action game, you may get ranked in “overall free” chart, “free games” chart, or “free action games” chart, the latter the easier.

if you get 3k installs from usa, you may surely get onto top #500 free games and top #25 in certain sub-categories. I think the guy’s 20k refer to top #500 of “overall free app” chart.

I recommend you getting 3k downloads in UK on App2top as UK is much easier to get charted and has equally high ecpm as US;)