Tips for retaining mobile app users

Hello all

According to this source, only 16% of users will try an app more than twice. So there isn’t a second chance to make a first good impression

For that reason, I would like to share and learn some tips that seem to be very effective at retaining users for your apps. Because it is not only to get installs but make them enter the day after they installed your app :wink:
Here is the list that has worked fine for us retaining users:

1- Optimize loading screen
2- Interactive tutorial in case you need it: How do you lose a user in less than 10 seconds? Screen tutorial text, and watch him drift away. Instead, suggest performing basic tasks by himself, make directions via pointers and let him experiment.
3- Minimize actions, go straight to the point: The more milestones you put between the start of the application and the actual usage, the greater the chance of losing the user
4- Do not practice adoverdose. Quite obvious this one nope?

Any more tips to contribute to retain your users?


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