Tips For Higher AdMob RPM?

Are there any obvious tips / tricks to raise AdMob RPM? I have an app that gets millions of impressions a day but the RPM is low… it’s usually $0.28 - $0.34. I figure if I could get the RPM to raise I’d be making a lot more money.

I’ve seen other users on this forum who have RPM in the multiple dollar amounts. How are you doing it?

I’m simply showing one interstitial ad/session = low number of impressions, high RPM. I could also spam my users with ads = high number of impressions, low RPM. In the end you’ll get the same result but perhaps less annoyed users with the first method.

Ah, that’s a good idea. Right now I’m showing on interstitial every 1 hour and banner ads in the app. That is an interesting approach though.

I suggest you’d show an interstitial on startup, before the app is shown. I’ve had good results with that.

i use admob bannerm request is 50k, but RPM only 0.05$. i don’t know why :frowning:

I have the same issue in one of my apps - many impressions, low RPM… not sure exactly what to do - I have both banner ads and a few interstitials, but the interstitials are rarely visible as I didnt wanted to bug the users too much with them… What could be an issue is the fact that in my app people go from one screen to another rapidly and (i think) they dont have the time to actually see the banner ads - could this be it?

Not necessarily the same result, but there is a point where too many ads will yield lower revenue.

If you have low user retention then more ads are better, but if you have lots of returning users then your approach will probably be better.

While RPM is a good piece of data to measure performance, you need to calculate the ARPDAU (Average Revenue Per Daily Active User) to see the big picture.

Is there any information about this on AdMob or is the formula revealed? I can’t find anything – thank you.

Not sure I understand your question, so I will try to answer what I think you’re asking.

Admob just tell you the information about your own data. RPM is just a fancy term for eCPM: they are pretty much the same thing. Its just how much you are making per 1k ad requests.
People often look at RPM as a measure of their ad traffic effectiveness, when it is just a measuring tool.

For example:
Banner ads generate low RPMs for two reasons: They aren’t that engaging with the user and you generally show quite a few of them in a session.
Interstitials are the exact opposite: They take up the screen when displayed and the user is forced to interact, whether that is negatively or positively. You generally show less of these than you do banners.

The general key to a higher RPM is to show ads less. Users engage with the ads more as they are less “spammy” and the user doesn’t feel like they are being advertised to as much (among other reasons).
Placement (e.g. end of level, between actions) is important too, as is refresh rates, timeout rates etc. Carefully planning your ads package into your apps will certainly yield great results.

With that said, RPM is only showing you how much you are making for those 1k ads. If you are showing less ads your RPM isn’t going as far as it would with more ad impressions.
Some apps benefit from higher impressions and some benefit from lower impressions.
It depends mostly on user engagement, user retention, app genre, session length and of course where the user is.
Make a really addictive game and get it popular in the U.S and your RPM will be very high. Make a low quality novelty app get it popular in the Middle East and your RPM will be quite low.

Make the changes I discussed based on what you know about your users on a per app basis, but don’t use RPM as your measuring tool. Work out your ARPDAU.
Work it out before the changes too, otherwise you won’t know if you made things better.

You will need some form of analytics in your app (Google or Flurry work fine). For said date range calculate all revenue earned and divide it by your active users for that date range. That is the ARPDAU for the app.
You can measure individual days, but different days can yield different results (Mondays suck, weekends rock), so try measuring in 7 day chunks.

I hope I answered your question!

That was a very nice answer, interesting to read. Thank you! I have tried to figure out my self for my diary own app what would be the best configuration. I very much would like to lower the number of ad impressions as it not good for the user experience. As my users in average only use the app for 5min a day (to write a daily note), I have a 3-4 minute interval before i serve a new add (but only after some natural actions, like saving a note, or customizing the app).

I used to have an exit ad, but I got a warning from Google about it, that it was not in appliance with their ad policy, a must fix or be shut down. Also, I have extremely low conversion rate on my in app purchase option, its only 15-20 sales a day out of 200k daily users (84% returning), world wide! How insane is that, or isn’t it? I charge as low as $0.5 in low income countries, up to $2.5 in US, and Europe. I don’t think that is horrible large amount to ask for to remove ads (on-time-fee). Anybody have higher or lower conversion?

Maybe I have done something terrible wrong. If it is not to inappropriate and rude, Could I kindly ask you, or any other guru in here, to have a look at my app and give a few thoughts / ideas about what can be wrong / where to start looking for optimization?

Have you looked into mediating multiple networks?
Sometimes one network alone will not get the results you are looking for.

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