Three Way! - A unique "Infinite plane" game



Three Way is free to play , addictive , improved with advanced physics mechanics , a unique “infinite plane” game .

Game is not required internet connection.Although games grapchics seems simple this game will challenge your patience and nerves!

This game adapted to all phone and tablet devices and also free and stable game waiting for you with zero interruption!

Here are the unique features waiting for you:

  • Advanced realistic physics mechanics
  • Advanced Full HD (TrueColor) technology
  • Advanced Screen Scrolling mechanics
  • Realistic geometric shapes
  • (Coming Soon) New game types (Survival , Time Trial , …)
  • Without exaggerated ads

Geometric shapes found in the game:

  • Geometric shapes are composed of black and white colors.

  • Triangle,

  • Rectangle,

  • Apartment,

  • Pentagon,

  • Stars.

Why Three Way?

Three Way has 3 kinds of mechanics, They are :

  1. Swipe Mechanics :

1.A) Swipe to Right or Left ;

To scroll to the left and right, swipe to right or left. Thus, the main figure will change direction.

1.B) Swipe to Up ;

To scroll up, swipe to up. Thus, If background color is white, will be black or If background color is black, will be white.

1.C) Swipe to Down ;

To scroll down, swipe to down. Thus, the main shape will around 180 degrees in X axis and 180 degrees in Y axis, If the color of the shape is white, will be black or If the color of the shape is black, will be white.

  1. Way Mechanics:

There are three ways in the game. (Right - Middle - Left).

  1. Obstacle Mechanics :

From the geometric shapes will spawn 3 times side by side with random color and random shape. (Right - Middle - Left)

How to Play Three Way ? :

When the game begins, random main shape and color, random obstacles will spawn. Our goal is the main shape and color must be equal to obstacle’s shape and color. But main shape’s color not be equal to background color.