Threat, what would you do?


Today I got this nice mail:

“I’m just letting you know I am the owner of … I have a friend on my sight that was telling me about this app that ruined his phone and had got a virus which I had never seen till about a few days ago but what I couldn’t believe is I had downloaded the same thing but didn’t have the same problem he had yet where he couldn’t turn his phone on, till now I can’t turn my phone on. I’m getting an attorney and I have already contacted most of these people who left negative feedback of your add online”

The app that guy is talking about is a simple fun app with random results.

The SDKs of Admob, Leadbolt, Airpush and Senddroid are integrated and all of them are activated.
I think it’s not possible that Advertisements (In-App, Push and Icon) can crash a phone.

What would you do if you were me?
Is that only an empty threat?

Best regards

I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s unlikely that this was the cause, and probably was just a coincidence. Also, there’s no way to contact people who left reviews.

Thank you, Dan.
Exactly the fact with contacting people who left review made me wondering.

Sounds like a scam… he will want you to pay to “settle” the case. He/she/it is probably not even in the same country as you are in… and your company that you use for IP rights/ownership of the app/etc may not even be in your country, making things even more difficult :slight_smile:

This is exactly what I’m meanwhile thinking about that.
Thanks for your words!