Thread: How can i improve my admob ctr, nobody click the ads!

Hi Everybody,

I have implemented both interstitial and banner ads in my new stickers app, I published it 5 days ago, but CTR is very low.What is it I am doing wrong?
I have a lot of impressions but no clicks, please any suggestion to correct this problem?

4000 impressions and just 16 clicks, CTR is 0.70%

statistics for yesterday :


If this are banner ads only, I’d say it’s pretty normal.
However if you have interstitials too, then I would say your ad placement sucks. Change places where you show your ads but make sure they are not against policy
or it could be just that ads suck and no one wants to click them, this can happen too and your number is very low to get any real statistics

Dear Sab thank you for your reply
I have both interstitial and banner, but always no clicks
Can you please tell me if it’s possible to make targeted ads and how to make them. And what do you think about removing the banner ads and work only with the interstitial ones?

Show the stats only for interstitials first

Thank you for your reply tocchan23

below the attachement
Line 1 interstittial
Line 2 banner

Thank you for your help


Where are you showing the Interstitials? you need to find a better placement…

so the problem is just in the placement ? because i make it in each click on the buttons ! i don’t know where i should to put it, ( i have stickers app )