Thoughts on Admob ads?

So I was wondering how admob ads perform currently. If you use admob, how’s your revenue from admob?

Everything changed since September began, rpm went 20% lower… Anyone else?

eCPM is pretty low and with all these new rules they set, it’s not as good as it used to be.

same here rpm fell down again.

Very bad ,same here

Revenue dropped by 20-25% for me with same impression’s… May be users not interested in ads these days…:slight_smile:

Facing the same problem here, since mid-august the revenue dropped down too.

Does anyone replaced admob banners and interstitials ads by another network and is having good results and experience?


I am using heyZap mediation in one of my apps …The above is my report from Last 7 days…Initially i was getting 2.5$ eCpm from facebook but its dropped on last week…One more thing 75% of impressions above are banners…

August did great for me, but September has dropped off a bit so far.

I think most people will complain about revenue dropping. The other half who got increase in revenue will just keep quiet.

My admob revenue INCREASED 30% from 1st of this september.

I did not get time for too much analysis. But initial first cut of analysis says that for same amount of traffic/downloads/ctr, rpm is increased suddenly and sharp 25%-30% increase in the revenue.

Which new ad policies you guys are talking about which probably is alleged culprit for low revenue for you.

Why few devs have droppings and few will have increment?
Any new ad rule which results this?

Admob is not consistently good or bad. But it is safe if you read Google regulations carefully and follow them. Why don’t you combine Admob with other networks? My perfect duo is Admob and Adsota.

Its the rules made my revenue dropped…I removed all enter and exit ads replaced with another though…admob is good if you have genuine apps …

I just started using admob, and so far the numbers are good.

Revenue drop in sept. although august was best.

The ecpm is simply very low now a days for both banner & interstitial ads.

My revenue increased by 30-40% in admob in Sep month.
Both banners and interstitial doing fine. It’s like best month so far. Daily revenue is $240+ per day.

What are your apps?

They are just apps and games.