Third time's a charm

It’s finally here!

HomeBase V 3.0 – the most innovative Lockscreen out there

What is HomeBase

HomeBase is a lock screen SDK that monetizes Android apps by delivering rich and engaging sponsored content directly to the users’ lock screen.
Once implemented, HomeBase provides a brand new revenue stream that keeps generating revenue even when users are not engaged with the developer’s app.


Monetization – 24/7 – No need for your app to run in the background to make revenue – your users are engaged on a daily basis with premium sponsored content.
Meaningful analytics – Your efforts show in our smart dashboard – DAUs, imps, performance, segments – all in one little nifty package.
Additional revenue source – No need to replace your current SDK; HomeBase monetizes out of app with content while your monetization efforts work on users in app so it’s a win-win situation.

HomeBase in numbers

• 1,000+ of developers
• 5,500+ integrated apps
• 27,000,000 worldwide active users
• $7,000,000 paid to developers in 2014

Widdit is not an ad network – no banners, no ads, no irritations – just content.

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Anyone using them? I guess they’re not Play Store compliant? I thought widdit is a scam, but it looks quite good actually. And when you think about it a bit and check the video, its damn good idea.

Another user here had an eCPM of 4 cents and Widdits reply was we said dont replace your AD network we are just extra revenue source.

aww, that hurt. If it had around $0.5 - $1 eCPM, it would be a nice side income for some apps.

Do you really want to know? Just put “widdit” in searching box and you will see;) In GP you will be 100% banned in few hours. In other markets they just sucks… :stuck_out_tongue:

As everything in this world, there is supply and demand.

Some geos are more lucrative than others, so $0.04 eCPM for a certain area is acceptable.

The general market trend at the moment is going downwards in all networks so you can see that eCPM as a whole has dropped in the last couple of months (in comparison to last year’s similar timeframe in around 25-30%).

Given that this is a phase that’s going to change, you will see a rise in all geos and of course more revenue.

In a market that changes rapidly, it’s always best to put your eggs in as many baskets as possible.



Well, actually they have their lock screen app on Google Play for ~2 months and its not banned.
I ignored the Widdit spam till now, but this looked good to me. Thats why I just did a quick research about the company… Well, it looks bad. The way they promote themselves, and this Litecoin mining thing (what are you 10 years old? Why you needed tests this idea on real users, its obvious it can’t work well, even with millions of mobile devices). Its definitely not worth risking a strike from GP for that… It might be okay for some, but I’m planning to keep my GP account up and running forever, I don’t want to bother with fake credit cards, fake personal informations, fake google account, ips etc etc…

Thank you for bringing this subject up.

As a technological company, we always strive to be at the forefront and test out new possibilities.
With mobile devices having a lot of computing power as they do today, we wanted to explore the option of using the mobile CPU while idle and charging to solve the challenge of distributed computing, which can be used for decoding the human genome, singles from space, cancer and other complex tasks.

We thus created a few standalone applications for the purpose of testing this direction via the easiest distribution channel we could think of at the time - Litecoin.
After a short while we decided not to proceed with this direction and removed or cleared every application that participated in this experiment.

None of our SDKs, publishers or any other service took part in this experiment which ended almost a year ago while the code was still in our infrastructure.
Lookout reached out to us about the remaining code and it was cleared in a few hours and the matter resolved.

If you’re still having doubts, I encourage you to read Lookout’s post fully and see that they did understand that there was no mens rea to this action.

HomeBase is clean and we do not proceed in any kind of action such as this.

We have thousands of developers (some of them for over two years) who are happy with the product, never received any notes on violations of Google’s terms and agreements or any users speaking ill of the lockscreen.


They have it because this is the main functionality of the app. In your normal app this will be as out-of-app ads. But do what you want…

@mmmkkksss sure, if you have a flappy bird clone and it has a add-on for screen-locker, its not good. You could add it as an option in some menu or something so people could turn it on and off if they want to, but as I said already, I’m no longer interested :slight_smile: