third party merchant...

I don’t know how to phrase it in a title. I happen to be in a country that is not listed on google’s merchant support. We also don’t have paypal nor amazon…(yes it’s very sad) I need some sort of third party cloud service that can sell in app stuff on my behalf and then wire transfer the money to me(minus of course the some monstrous fee they’ll be collecting). I also need not to be hassled about legal paperwork such as tax info and company name since I do not have a company.

Is there anything of the sort out there?

u can buy a verified paypal US account>>just search google>>
u can also get a verified google play account>>many people here sell it

which is ur country??

I am in Lebanon middle east.
I am looking into that now since you mentioned it. However I am not sure I understand how it works. So I purchase this verified account and I can sell, but how do I get the money it generates transferred to me?

You should contact someone you know who lives in google’s supported merchant country and than ask him to create an account for you