Third party markets

Does anyone have much experience or success with third party markets? Which are the best? I’m thinking about trying amazon and opera.

How much lower are the download counts? I was thinking it might not be so bad since I would be able to use higher paying advertising solutions like mobario and notification push ads.


The download counts I got for amazon were much lower that I what I got for google play despite amazon having a much smaller app selection than google and this is without spending on advertising to increase downloads, which is strange because it’s easier to find my app on amazon than in google play.

In my experience the Opera store can generate a nice amount of extra downloads.
Besides Opera and Google Play,the SlideMe, GetJar and Mobile9 stores also generate a few downloads.

I would advise people to STAY AWAY from GetJar. That site is no longer legit. The link to my app in GetJar no longer references my app but to their UC browser. This practice is extremely dishonest.

I’ve noticed that the extra downloads in SlideMe and Opera don’t provide as much long term users as Google Play, as evidenced by the huge drop in admob ad impressions during the week following the publishing of my apps on those sites. However, it could be those users are more technically inclined and found a way to disable my ads.

I tried some stores other than Google Play but nowadays I think it is better to focus all my efforts to promote my games on Google Play.