Thesis idea in Android programming

I decided to write a program in Android for thesis. I am not sure about that i can accomplish to write the program. In the program,

1.Location of users will be found by GPS. 2. Users will add people as friends and they will see the location of their friends. 3. People can create groups. 4.The main goal is that families can see location of their kids. Users can mark places as safe places and if their kids are at these safe places, they will take notification. 5.People can send messages to each other. 6. If friends are close, they will take notification.

I think you saw this kind of programs in Google Play etc.

I would like to see your comments about this program. It is very hard to write this program or it is impossible or i must have a lot of knowladges for writing this or only some parts of the program is hard to write?


not as easy as you think,

  • first of you need a server side application which monitor all of the user’s location, maybe a caching system to cache all online users (ex: redis)
  • client app update their location periodically
  • an online database, to save user information, add families etc

to use map you will need to use

  • google map api
    for chatting and notifications
  • goggle cloud messaging or sns

I’m fairly experienced with all above but not GCM, if you had like 6 months it’s doable but of course it depends on your current skill / knowledge.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: I have time until May. I am very beginner but i will do my best to do it. I hope i can.

Start with learning Google services. I assume that you will want to connect via google account - I already 2 months suffer… :frowning:

to use map you will need to use:

  • google map api
    for chatting and notifications
  • goggle cloud messaging or sns

Thanks for all the answers.