These appstores are withholding payouts to developers

A lot of appstores and distributors are withholding payouts to the developers. Some are just refusing to pay, because they hope that the developer will not start a legal process, because it is so expensive. Others are waiting so long with the payout, that the payed revenue is worth far less due to inflation, when it is finally payed out.

I have been in the business for 4 years and I have always had this problem with some of my partners. It has got much worse recently. It is probably because the economies have not recovered in USA or Europe, so a lot of appstores and distributors have financial problems. Their strategy to handle this is often to withhold payouts to the developers. This is my examples of these appstores:

Arphiola: Norwegian distributor, who says that they are going to pay, but then just ignores the whole thing.

One big mobile phone manufacturer withhold payments for over half a year during 2010, due to problems with their payment systems.

Another big mobile phone manufacturer has so high payment treshold on their appstore that it takes a very long time to reach it. When the money is finally payed out, it is worth far less due to inflation.

I can’t write the names of the companies that haven’t payed here, but if you send me a private message, I will inform you on who they are.

Do you have any more examples of appstores and distributors, who don’t pay out?