The next frontier in ASO service

Appmatan may change what it means to be a member of ASO service.

The environment of ASO market is often billed as competitive. For Appmanta, this suitation is justified. The operation of Appmanta service runs well after a combat with other differnet kinds of ASO service companies, like ASO100, ASO114, ASOU in China. And the truth is that appmanta has successfully managed to provide ASO service, including Apple Store and Google Play. A rare service in two main markets in this way is a tremendous strength.

Appmanta is able to track 2.8 million apps in Apple store and 3.9 million apps in Google Play. The pace of keyword research and scale of total keywords are increasing. For instance, Appannie can just show 30 keywords under app and Appmanta foucus on nearly thousands of keywords under app.


The keywords total will reach 2397 of game Minecraft.


But for Appannie, it just shows 30 keyowrds under the same app.

Start with ASO service, Appmanta like an data world struggle to pick up exact data to make analysis of keyowrds ranking, keyowrds spy, keyowrds trending and keyowrds research. Some advances are being made——on intelligient keyowrds suggestion that can be used to help users using and selecting keyowrds alone. But for the time being at least, the most ambious application Appmanta also require improvements that can interact directly with users.

After the ASO service, and another one looms. The business model we highly recommend. Appmanta is a totally free platform because main revenue rely on our own games. Helping our clients to gain users and move traffic into their app is just one step of our plan. In the future, access to real money making for users could be beyond all except a strong data analysis ability.

Appmanta is on the way. The bigger story is that neither is it the realm of pure fantasy. ASO service of Appmanta changes the way people use. Beneath it lies the next frontier.