The most beautiful Alarm Clock for Android!

The most beautiful and powerful Clock for Android! Include Alarm Clock, Stopwatch and Timer, with great graphics, no ads & no permissions. The Alarm Clock Pro support 24-h format. if you buy Alarm Clock Pro, you will have Alarm Clock, Stopwatch and Timer at the same time! The detail features including:

  1. Alarm Clock: Simple and beautiful alarm clock.
  2. Stopwatch: Stopwatch state are stored for the next time the app is run, so it will appear that the stopwatch has been running continuously in-between.
  3. Timer: Very simple and easy to use.
  4. Day & Night Theme: Automatically switch theme by the time.

Alarm Clock Pro is very beautiful and Support multi-theme switching, you can choose the day or night theme you like.

Free Version:
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Pro Version:
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we have update the version, welcome to download.

Personally I prefer the dark mode. And it seems more functional to me, since I’d like to use timer in the darkness without shedding the light everywhere (especially if I’m not sleeping alone - in this case the light could disturb someone else’s sleep), but the daymode seems all too… white. For me at least. I like the hands of the clock though :smiley: I’d like to have more colours, maybe some design changing. Anywaysl these are my first impressions, I’ll give it a try!

Alarm Clock Pro 2.0 has updated !

yes this is the best Alarm clock apps

The new version has updated, welcome to download.

new version has updated, new UI design.

@GLGJing I download the latest version of this app & it’s really a very beautiful app.

I’m very glad you like it !.

I preferred the light mode, the design are much more related to the apps.

Very nice app, I like the theme which switches on night mode.

Wake up timer Pro 2.0 has redesigned !

AlarmMon this is beautiful alarm app.

Alarm Clock Xtreme Free +Timer


Thanks for the information.