The most adapted AdNetwork for me?

Hello, I have an app (a tool not a game).

I can get around 100k impression daily and I only get around 40-50 USD daily.

For the number of impression I have, it seems not to be much in my opinion.

I am working with Appnext at the moment, and even if the team is very friendly and wanting to help, my eCPM has never been above 0.40 USD.

I have 4 ways of ad location:

  • While downloading (just after pushing the download button).
  • While searching (the first result row is an ad)
  • On app resume (interstitial)
  • On app exit (A pop up asking the user to check a free app)

Most of my traffic is from South Korea (35%), USA (10%), Japan (10%), Mexico (8%) and France (around 5%).

Also, I would appreciate very much a weekly payment.

I have read all the forum around 100 times, but whatever Ad Network looks nice for someone is the worst for someone else.
At the end, each time I plan to integrate someone SDK I found here someone saying they don’t pay in time, bad fillrate, low eCPM, not to trust…

Can you please advice me a reliable network, that you have worked with, and has made you happy. Also please elaborate on what are the good and bad point about it.

I would just like to remind you that impressions don’t mean money. You can have your ad loads 10 times a second per activity and that would generate a lot of impressions. It doesn’t mean you’ll get paid for it.

You should lower your impressions. Make your refresh rate 60seconds or more and try to reuse ad objects so you’re not creating a lot of ad requests. This will increase your click through rate and make your app look more effective to the ad network

nice answer, Liked it a lot…

The biggest factor here is that you are getting only 10% of your traffic from USA. Increase that and you will make much more.

Hello @chris90. Did you try to combine networks just to boost your revenue? Have a look at Pollfish. It can be used along with Appnext with minimal intrusion just to boost your current revenue. Integration is less than 2 minutes.

Hi cris90,
The main ad unit (while downloading) is what’s causing the low eCPM. Of course, if you had more users in the US it would help, but most of your users, as you showed, come from Tier 2 countries. eCPM should definitely be higher.
With your permission, i’d like to talk more about your problem, without mentioning your revenue of course, but I would like to explian about the huge difference in the eCPMs in your placement. Maybe everyone can learn something here (including me).