The Longest (HD Musical Poetry App)- FREE

Hi guys,

I have been into android development for sometimes, this is my first product, please give comment ^^

Thanks for your time :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nicely done!

The text on some menus is a bit blurry (on a 10" tablet), but the actual poems are great.

The music is very nice as well! Left it open for a while just listening to it :wink:

There’s a handful of translations on buttons or popups that could be improved, I assume from the “Author and Friends” you are Vietnamese as well? I will go through the app tomorrow when I have more time and send you some better english translations :slight_smile:

Thanks Hyarion ^^

Yes I’m a vietnamese, yet I love English poem, I also love symphonic metal which greatly inspired me with the content of each Poem :stuck_out_tongue:

My level is just as an amateur, please guide me if my app have any problem, I will fix immediately :stuck_out_tongue: