The importance of keywords search optimization

ASO, is the abbreviation of App Store Optimization , it’s the process to optimize apps to rank higher in the App Store search results. The higher the ranking in the app store is, the more downloads the app will get. Keywords play a very important role in ASO ranking algorithm. So the first thing to consider when optimizing your app ranking is keywords. Here are some tips on how to optimize keywords to boost App Store Ranking.

Choose Relevant Keywords
You should choose keywords that are relevant and truly representative of your app, which can increase app conversion rates efficiently. Avoid using irrelevant keywords and wasting valuable space just because those keywords are trending. If you use these irrelevant keywords , even your app is ranking in the top 1, how likely will users be to download your app?

Consider competitiveness and traffic
Consider how competitive those keywords are. Look at the total number of keywords you’re competing with. If there’s too much competition, aim for another keyword. You can analyze keywords with ASO Keyword Tools, such as App Annie, SensorTower and etc.

Target multi-word or long tail keywords
Multi-word keywords may be usually searched for less often, but will also be less competitive. And targeting the long tail is also a great choice for new developers/new apps to start, because they can be much easier to rank for.

Determine keyword weight
The keywords included in app titles are by far the most heavily weighted in the algorithm. If you want to improve your rank for a specific keyword, putting it in the title is your best bet. Of course, you can also buy keyword search installs to boost the keyword ranking, which can boost the keyword ranking in 8~10 hours, it’s really worth to have a try. I recommend you cooperate with [b]ASOTOP1[/b] to do this.

Consider keyword placement
As Sensor Tower notes, “there is a clear correlation between having a keyword in the name of an app and ranking for that keyword. 74.3% of apps that rank in top 1 for high traffic keywords have the target keyword in their name.” So be sure to place the strongest and more relevant key phrases in the app name - which can increase your app ranking by 10.3%.

The last but not the least, you should also monitor keyword ranking regularly. Like with websites, keep an eye on the rankings of your keywords, as well as any new keywords that might pop up. You can use the app intelligence tools mentioned in the above point to track your keywords, and keep adding new keywords or removing older ones while staying within the 100 character limit.