The Google "Ban" algorithm and Amazon/iOS


I’ve been interested in this for a while - say google decides to ban your account, and through it’s “secret algorithms”, any associated accounts you have.

my question is:
Say there is an app “A” and “B” on two completely separate Google Play accounts (from different people)
These two apps are also published on a single Amazon or iOS account
if Google decides to ban the account of app “A”, will it check Amazon/iOS and then see that, “Ahah! that account also has app B”, and ban the Google account with app “B”?

I strongly doubt… have never had a problem of this nature, even though I maintain 1 account in many alternative markets and it is the same one on which I had been banned in GPlay.

It rarely happens! But it could happen in case your case is really worse. For example, if you are the most annoying spammer on GPlay, they will consider investigating all other apps of your.