The F**** Google Content Policy i hate it!! Why!!

My app have SUSPENSION for nothing ??
So you now that google have a new option that you have say that you use ads and i update my app to say yes and that is the reason why they ban a app from me!!
REASON FOR SUSPENSION: Your app is in violation of the intellectual property and impersonation or deceptive behavior provisions of the Content Policy.
Come on the name is not copyright and the name have nobody in the world so why they ban it ??
I dont now why ??
I now that google use bots mean and say when the name have somehting else we ban you 100%

You just know? This bot has been around for years.

Now, I also experienced wrong rejection of South Korea Rating. They stated in the email that my app contains violence, sexual abuse…etc. guess what? My app is a note taking app…lol…Google should fire those who instruct the bots to scan the Playstore!

This year Google started to apply manual app reviews.
Yes, it means a human will review your apps most of the times.
So if you have an app with any kind of content that is not created or bought by you, you should avoid updating that app at all costs.

Where did u get this info?

The bot is still working!

App Submissions On Google Play Now Reviewed By Staff, Will Include Age-Based Ratings | TechCrunch

I in rage modus i hate google!!!
They dont say he your name its not allow or he pls rename nope they say bamm ban!!!
Im so confused and the f** support are also all from f* bots looks like a ai control everything in google

Are you sure your app is suspended for NOTHING?
Come on, name is not the only issue, how about the images, icon, description?

Google may makes mistake anyway, if you really didn’t violate any copyright, an appeal will works.

I got the same South Korea rejection… actually I got the email about it but my App wasn’t really deactivated in South Korea (as the email stated they already did). I appealed it just in case and they replied with some bullshit but that I could re-enable South Korea anyway (which was never deactivated in the first place).
Anyway since then I decided to never publish to South Korea any Apps anymore in the hope to save myself some usual Google bullshit…

I agree with you. Korea seems having strict policies on rating stuff.

Which policy are we talking about? Could some one cut it short I don’t want to read the full description.