The Easiest Ways to Boost Your App Downloads

Because of the crowed app market, it becomes more and more difficult to get app downloads. I have tried many marketing methods, most of them are not so efficient. Here I will list top 3 easiest methods to boost app downloads.

Boost App Ranking
Data shows that over 63% of apps are discovered by general browsing or searching within the app store, most people just scan the top 10 apps, which means that the higher the ranking in the app store is, the easier the number of app downloads increases. So boost app ranking is one of the most efficient way to get app downloads. Ways to boost app ranking:
[li]Target keywords with low competition and lower search volumes first.[/li][li]Target multi-word or long tail keywords - Multi-word keywords and long tail keywords may be usually searched for less often, but will also be less competitive. [/li][li]Add Important Keyword in App Title - the App Title has more weight in the algorithm, which can improve your app ranking by 10.3%.[/li][li]In-App Purchases - In iOS App Store, the names of in-app purchases (IAP) are indexed in the app store search.[/li][li][b]Buy Keyword Search Installs[/b] - Buying keyword search installs, which can improve your app ranking instantly, about 8~10 hours, highly recommend.[/li][li][b]Get Keyword Reviews[/b] - Your app user reviews are also indexed by the app store search engine. what’s more, 95% users prefer to download an app which has much more positive reviews, especially for new app.[/li][li]Get 4/5-Star Ratings - Ratings also play an important part in the rank algorithm, helping you show up for relevant key terms. [/li][li]Reduce App Size - Try to make your app smaller than 100 MB. It is because users cannot download apps that are more than 100 MB using cellular service.[/li][li]App Updates[/li][/ul]
Consider Alterative App Stores
Do not rely only on Google Play & App Store; there are various other app stores on the online market where you can upload your app, the more people it reaches, the more downloads will generate. These are some very good app stores that you should consider:
[li]GetJar[/li][li]SlideMe[/li][li]Opera Mobile Store[/li][li]AppsLib[/li][li]Amazon Appstore[/li][/ul]
Get Featured On Mobile App Review Sites
If you get featured on The Next Web, you can expect tens of thousands of unique visitors in the first 24 hours to hit your website and your app store page. If you get reviewed by a popular app blog like AppAdvice, you can expect a similar amount of traffic to flow through to your website and App Store listing. There are many sites you can submit your app, such as cnet,mashable, techrunch, app advice, appbrain,etc.

Hope the 3 methods are useful to you.

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