The color psychology behind every fast food restaurant food chains

When talking about fast food restaurant chains, there are two colors—red and yellow to be precise—that are mostly seen in the design. This is very intelligently strategized according to the impact these two colors have on the mind of the audience. The color red and yellow combined evoke emotions like hunger and evoking the immediate need to eat food. This is where the fast food gets its name.
The languages of colors communicates much faster than the literature involved behind words and symbols. It speaks directly to the mind of the customer making them feel the urge to eat. The color red is associated with the emotions of hunger, and appetite where Yellow depicts happiness and friendliness which makes it a perfect combination for the fast food restaurants. Where having online logo generator tool is absolutely necessary to design a perfect logo, it is highly important for a designer to be knowledgeable about the psychological effect these minimal things can have on the audience.
A color is what makes the brand more memorable for the consumers resulting in making a perfect brand identity. Do you think color psychology is an important aspect of designing a perfect logo design?

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