The big G and random ban hammer

First I wonder how big G is the big G?
1)they claim that we must pay 15 $ for new dev. account because it is nessesary to take our info:
Yes but why 15?and not 1$ or 2$ as pay-pal do for verification and others?
So I think the idiots there are hungry for another 14 $.Right?
The Hammer
2)Many developers complaint (and at previous posts here)that their dev.account banned without reason.
And after other developers reply at them (no no the big G has not random ban hammer baybe u make an mistake)
After 1 year long of my account banned and long research I am sure that my Account banned randomly.
Examble:One of my deleted games was a pong game.The game Deleted for sexually explisit materiall:
This game contained ads only from adcolony the closed related to google play and most reliable (for not being scam)
.Also game with cartoon woman that banned at goole play when submited later at amazon
as adult game by me make the testers change my own rating from adult to everyone…
So I wonder why after so long time android developers still kiss the ass of this stupit (small) company
(that nobady knows from where-how )coming their profits and maybe their profits come under the table for me
and they dont have make even 1 TIME try to create their own site and sell their apps from there?
note:I have personally made much more money at amazon at the same period (when I had both accounts active)