The Best Ways To Promote Your App in iOS App Store or Googl Play

1. Improving Your ASO Techniques

63% of users discover apps via app stores, and not boosting your rankings in these channels means you’re giving up on a major promotional opportunity for your app. While the features of app stores vary, there are still some fundamental aspects of optimization you need to focus on:

[li]App ratings and reviews are the validation of your app’s quality. As such, they boost your brand’s credibility.
[/li][li]App keyword fields. When optimizing your app page for keywords, make sure you write your titles and descriptions for your target audience first. Your content is how you will entice users to download your app.
[/li][li]A meta title. Keep in mind that longer titles usually get truncated in the SERPs. You need to keep your meta title short, sweet, and memorable. Don’t forget to add your major keywords to it, too. Namely, the recent report shows that apps with a top-value keyword in their title rank 10.3% higher than those without a keyword.

Useful ASO Oplimization tools:
[li]Keywords: Google Keyword Planner
[/li][li]ASO, App Installs & Reviews: MoPeak (from $55)
[/li][li]A/B testing: Testnest ($149/mo)

2. Landing Page

Most mobile app developers have an accompanying site that introduces and describes what their mobile app can do. If you decide you “only” need a landing page, then the two following tools might just be perfect for you. I would strongly advise to use the custom domain name option.

[li]Landing Page Tool
[/li][li]Wix – free or $24.50/y
[/li][li]Unbounce Mobile App Template