The best ways to boost app ranking

Data shows that nearly 80% of apps are discovered by general browsing or searching within the App Store, most people just scan the top15 apps, which means that the higher the ranking in the app store is, the easier the number of app downloads increases. So today I want to share 3 methods about how to boost app store rankings.

1. Get Featured on the App Stores
Generally speaking, people give much more trust to the app stores, if your app get featured on the app stores, most people will choose your app than others. Here are some tips on how to get your App featured on the App Store.
[li]Use Latest iOS Features[/li][li]Make your App Universal[/li][li]Localize your App[/li][li]Make a Unique App(Visual Design)[/li][li]App store optimization[/li][li]Get Good Reviews and High-star Ratings[/li][li]Keep High Downloads[/li][li]Update your App Regularly[/li][li]Know Apple Well[/li][li]Build a Relationship with Apple[/li][li]Provide Customer Support[/li][/ul]

2. Keywords Search Optimization
Keywords search optimization can help your app be more visibility in the app store, and can be searched more easier. Following are some tips about how to do it.

Add Important Keyword in App Title – Place the hottest and more relevant key phrases in the App Title. The App Title has more weight in the algorithm, which can improve your app ranking by 10.3%

Use keyword research tools to find out keywords – Find the keywords that have lower search volume and lower competition and rank well for those.

Target long tail keywords – Multi-word keywords may be usually searched for less often, but will also be less competitive. And targeting the long tail is also a great choice for new developers/new apps to start, because they can be much easier to rank for.

[b]Buy Keyword Search Installs[/b] – Buying keyword search installs, which can improve your app ranking instantly, and achieve your goal in a short time.

3. [b]Buy Positive App Reviews and high ratings[/b]
Data shows that nearly 80% users prefer to download an app which has much more positive reviews, 70% users judge the quality of an app according the app reviews wrote by others. So buy positive app reviews is one of the most effective way to attract users download your app not your competitors’.

App ratings play an important role both in increasing the app downloads, and boost app store rankings. 94% users would like to download those 4-5 rating apps. What’s more, ratings are an integral part of the ranking algorithm for app searches in both the App Store and the Play Store, those apps which have much more 4/5-star ratings rank much higher other others.

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Major factor which defines your app to popular top-list is retention rate, number of reviews and ratings from real users. The algorithm of store ranking is included several factor which is important and number of installs just one of them.

One of the way who to get huge traffic of installs to your newly launched app is incent installs with services like MoPeak or KeenMobi. Also, the price is $0.05 CPI for Android Installs from real users.

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